To Join Alplaza Brand Chain Stores

About Aliplaza Brand Chain Stores

Focus on 1 Dollar product selling in and out of China market since 2013. Now full of product lines, managing, branding and marketing ability to grow together to win more markets.

Why join Aliplaza?

  1. Market Reality

           80% people will purchase 1 dollar products for their daily life, so market is there.

   2.Product Reality

           6000 SM warehouse,5000 different stocks are available for your choice and urgent needs.

   3.Ablity Reality

          Over 7 years development, we have many chain stores in China markets, and 6 chain stores in South America market.

   4.Source Reality

         We are nearby YIWU international markets which has more than 70000 stores for the world wild clients with competitive cost of products.

How to join Aliplaza?

    1.Inform us your full advantages,

    2.Discuss the markets together,

    3.Get the solutions together,

    4.Start with the investment,


Aliplaza Brand Chain Store Join Requests:

    1.Your store MUST be named ALIPLAZA and decorated with our standards,

    2.Mini investment is 20000 USD, 

    3.Report hot selling and market trending datas to Aliplaza,